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sales force communications training

Starts C-level discussions

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Provokes response

How we help ...

sales force copywriting training

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35% response and just getting started

Our previous reply rate from inbound leads was 4.59%. Now, it's averaging 35%. That's a 700% increase, and we haven't peaked yet. Soon we’re implementing phone calls and voicemails to go higher. My goal is 80% open and 50% plus reply rates. I'm confident we're going to do it. It all started with you advice, Jeff. Thanks. 

Adam Breitenstein, Ecommerce Sales Director, ReCart

Inside Silver & Gold: Clinics

Discover what is currently provoking responses for our seller community. Watch coaches helping sellers start more conversations. View and participate in hands-on, clinic-style sales copywriting workshops.

It's fun! This "diagnosis and treatment" training is proven to be effective at helping sellers:

  • Understand weaknesses as being common and fixable
  • Uncover previously hidden (existing) email strengths & exploit them
  • Find new ways to sharpen already sharp communication skills even more
  • Visualize how current use of words may be sabotaging them tactically 
  • Pivot to strengthen their approach in ways that work, have integrity & feel great
  • Learn "what's working" through shared experiences of our community