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How NOT engaging on LinkedIn is driving buyer conversations

Social selling is, in practice, social marketing. Look around. Witness teams of sellers pushing content onto LinkedIn. All trying to stay in front of potential clients, convince them of sellers’ thought leadership and pushing insights. But is this an effective way to help buyers get ready to buy? Answer: No.What if not engaging on LinkedIn … read more

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3 Strategies your reps use on LinkedIn that waste time

You’ve got LinkedIn Sales Navigator seats … reps’ browsers are fired up. They’re sharing valuable insights and racking up Social Selling Index points … showing management they can use LinkedIn. They’re engaging in “social selling.”Full stop: Are they helping buyers buy? If your reps are focusing on…becoming a thought leader,engaging clients with insights, andbuilding trusted, professional … read more

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Is social selling softening your hunters?

The goal of the modern B2B seller is to get into conversations earlier—help buyers get ready to buy. Consult with clients, become a trusted source of knowledge, support the decision-making process with expert guidance. So why is facilitating buying conversations not a part of your “social selling” program?Why is starting qualified discussions with customers superseded … read more

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