Persuasion is dead.

The sales outreach

game has changed.

The sales communication game has changed.

Sellers are not trusted.

Potential customers ignore sales outreach -- even when they do need help.

Because, too often, they experience “I’m here to help” as "I'm here to sell."

You don't see it. But they do.
This is your blind spot.

This repeated pattern creates distrust.
Outdated, persuasive sales communication strategies are killing brands. Yet there is a new way.

Today's customers persuade themselves.

Wondering how to engage customers in conversation?

Help them want to convince themselves.
The best sales communication strategy starts with getting them curious, creating intrigue.

Because humans instinctually value more what they ask for -- less what is freely offered.

Persuasion is a push. Curiosity pulls.

Are you the problem?

Might your persuasive words be negatively triggering prospects?

They see your email, voicemail or LinkedIn template as selfish, needy or condescending -- when your intent is pure and helpful.

They feel pushed away -- rather than pulled closer.

The alternative to begging and persuading in sales outreach is helping others persuade themselves. Start with curiosity.

Return to it as a guiding principle.

Learn how to

  • Engage customers by provoking using digital tools like LinkedIn
  • Overcome the active dis-interest of others
  • Get asked to go forward by sparking curiosity
  • Help people convince themselves, rather than try to convince
  • Earn respect by presenting as an equal
  • Present choice rather than calls-to-action
  • Foster introspection, avoid persuasion
  • Say less and get more attention

Find motivation to abandon

  • Persuasion, coercion & 'educating' as a means to convince
  • Premature elaboration, saying too much, too fast
  • Faking sincerity to earn trust
  • Condescending language which subverts
  • Everything comfortable which holds you back

Transform your customer engagement strategy

Commit yourself to upgrading how you communicate.

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